Newt Gingrich TORCHES Biden On Air

He’s not coming back from this one.

According to the Daily Caller, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed President Joe Biden stating he lost all credibility for “having lied” about the Georgia election law.

“I think President Biden’s credibility is in tatters,” Gingrich said. “He reads these things that his staff writes, he has no idea whether or not they’re true. In the case of the Georgia bill the things that President Biden said are flatly false and he owes the people of Georgia an apology for having lied about what’s going on in Georgia.”

“The left is desperate to have elections that they can rig. And they are going all out,” he said. “These are just plain lies. This isn’t complicated. You go to the bill, you look at the bill. You can vote on Sunday. They lied and said you couldn’t. You can vote earlier. They lied and said you couldn’t. You can get water in line. They lied and said you couldn’t.” You can read the full article here.

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