Joe Biden FLUBS Badly On Air

What was he thinking?

According to The Daily Wire, President Joe Biden stated that his administration did not have a vaccine to work with when he came into office.

“What we did, we got into office and found out the supply, there was no backlog, I mean, there was nothing in the refrigerator, figuratively and literally speaking,” Biden claimed. “And there are 10 million doses a day that were available. We’ve upped that in the first three weeks that we were in office to significantly more than that, we’ve moved out, went to the Pfizer and Moderna and said, can you produce more vaccine and more rapidly? And not only agree to go from 200 to 400, then they agreed to go to 600 million doses.”

“So if end of April, excuse me, the end of July, they’re available to actually get them in the arms of people who want them that will take what, a couple more months?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked.

“Well, no, a lot will be being vaccinated in the meantime. In other words, it’s not all of a sudden 600 million doses are going to appear,” Biden answered. “And what’s going to happen is it’s going to continue to increase as we move along. And we’ll have we’ll have reached 400 million by the end of May and 600 million by the middle of by the end of July.”

“It’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office, but a vaccinator, how do you get the vaccine into someone’s arm?” Biden continued. “So you need the paraphernalia, you need the needle, you need the mechanisms to be able to get it in, you have to have people who can inject it in people’s arms.” You can read the full article here.

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