Republican Totally WRECKS Joe Biden

Here’s what she said.

According to the Daily Caller, Republican South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace slammed President Joe Biden stating that he wants to “ignore the science.”

“Well, it is staggering … I’m a single working mom of two kids, and I know how tough it is to have virtual learning for literally the last year of school. It’s extremely difficult. And we have the CDC, we have science, we have Dr. Fauci, everyone telling the Biden administration that with precautions in place, it’s a safe learning environment for our children,” Mace answered.

“But the Biden administration wants to ignore the science, wants to ignore the CDC. We should be listening to our parents, the CDC, the science, and not teachers unions at this point. We need to get our kids back in school. We need to give parents the option of educating their children,” she continued. You can read the full article here.

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