Republican Governor Has BEST Response To Viral Image

The liberals thought they had cornered him…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was at the Super Bowl recently and a picture was taken of him without a mask.

The picture circulated the internet and when DeSantis was asked about it, he stated, “…how the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with a mask on? Come on. I had to watch the Bucs win.”

What a legendary response. DeSantis is been praised for his actions during the coronavirus pandemic and his state has a lower COVID mortality rate than the national average despite not having a mask mandate.

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: Tallahassee Democrat

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One Comment


    We love our governor down here in FL. People will get sick or die from Covid with or without lockdowns. Some states’ governors choose to kill their state’s economy and people are dying anyway.