Biden Official Vows To FLOOD America With Foreigners?

You won’t believe what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that America should allow more foreigners into the country.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell asked, “Should the U.S. join Britain in opening its doors to refugees fleeing the political repression in Hong Kong?”

Blinken answered, “I believe we should. We’ve seen China act egregiously to undermine the very commitments it made during the handover of Hong Kong to — from Britain, and we see people who are, again, in Hong Kong, standing up for their own rights, the rights that they thought were guaranteed to them. And if they’re being — if they’re the victims of repression from Chinese authorities, we should do something to give them haven.” You can watch a clip of Blinken’s remarks here.

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