CNN Host MOCKS Republican For WHAT?

He’s going to regret this one.

According to Fox News, CNN host Chris Cuomo attacked Sen. Marco Rubio for his faith stating “he’s got a Bible quote for every moment, he just never speaks truth to power or acts on any of it.”

“I learned about it tonight as I was watching CNN, he is a man of faith and he’s relying on his faith and that’s why he could sit there and, just, very stoically say, ‘I’m sorry Mr. President, you’re wrong,’” co-host Don Lemon said.

Cuomo chimed in, “It’s one of the rare examples where the clips don’t do it justice because, you see in that entire hour, he is just going from desperation to desperation. He never offers one legitimate piece of proof for this secretary of state to act on,” and he just gets more and more threatening.”

“I think you nail what we have to focus on also. Look, Trump, I believe, will be remembered as the worst. We’ve never seen anybody abuse the office the way he has — not in our lifetime. But the people, those who remain, the Kevin McCarthys, the people in the House, the people in the Senate,” Cuomo said as Lemon added, “embarrassing, embarrassing.” You can read the full article here.


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