Trump Traitor Completely LOSES It On Air

She’s not getting away with this one.

According to Yahoo News, former Trump aid Omarosa Manigault Newman attacked President Donald Trump stating that he’s “going through a psychotic episode.”

“I think Donald Trump is going through a psychotic episode,” she said. “I think that he has come to terms with his loss, but his arrogance, his ego will not allow him to accept that he is not going to be president come January.”

“But this is not ‘The Apprentice’, this is not a reality show,” she said. “The American people need true leadership, not a reality TV host, which Donald Trump is reverting to.”

“Certainly Vice President Pence is going to be on the receiving end of Donald Trump’s wrath, and it’s erratic, it’s intense, and at many times it makes absolutely no sense,” she said. You can read the full article here.

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