Top Republican SLAMS Door In Swalwell’s Face

He needs to learn his place.

After the report about Eric Swalwell and his relations with an alleged Chinese spy, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated that Swalwell should be considered a “national security threat” and asks Pelosi to remove him from the Intelligence Committee.

McCarthy says, “This is a national security threat. Now we have Eric Swalwell, who’s been swindled by the Chinese, but what’s even more interesting here is why did he attack the American Director of Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s report talking about the expansion of China spying throughout … just last week. He attacked … Ratcliffe defending China.”

“This man should not be in the intel committee. He’s jeopardizing national security. When did Nancy Pelosi know of this and why did she maintain him on the committee? Adam Schiff, who has spent four years as chair worried about the foreign intervention into our country, knowingly keep an individual on the committee, if he knew, as Swalwell says, that he was with a Chinese individual who was a spy, who helped him run for Congress?”

After all that’s happened with Swalwell, it’s surprising that he still has power in the government. Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: The Sun

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