Corrupt Democrat ADMITS To Doing This

This is shocking.

According to The Daily Wire, Senator Dick Durbin admitted that the election played a role in Democratic senators holding up financial relief for Americans.

“There was some exuberance involved because an election was coming, and they were both bidding one another and trying to find common ground. They didn’t reach that point,” he said.

He added, “We are looking at the reality now of a new president coming on board in just a few weeks. With President Trump leaving, we are trying to find something that we can agree to on a bipartisan basis…” You can read the full article here.


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One Comment

  1. SRW

    Hey America … have you thanked the Dem Comrades for killing your businesses. Jobs. Safety. They lived high on the hog.. while the rest of us pulled our belts in… cut out everything.. AND THEY ARE NOW BRAGGING ABOUT HOW NOW THEY CAN PASS THESE BILLS.. $$$ THAT HAVE BEEN SITTING IN FRONT OF THEM SINCE MARCH …DON’ T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT AGAIN.