Dr. Fauci Gets HUMILIATED On Live Air

It might be good for Fauci to listen to what was said…

Two doctors recently went onto Megyn Kelly’s show and criticized Dr. Fauci for “damag[ing] public faith in medical experts through ‘erroneous statements‘ about the pandemic and lockdowns.”

They said, “Dr. Fauci is an esteemed immunologist, but in infectious diseases there are different areas of expertise. If you want to decide how to deal with a pandemic at the population level, then you need to know about infectious disease outbreaks and how they operate in society and how it spreads from person to person, sort of the population dynamics. And you need to know the infectious-disease epidemiology, and that is something that I have been studying for many decades, but it is not an area of expertise of Dr. Fauci.”

“It is surprising to me that he makes such statements on the epidemiology of the pandemic, which, to be honest, he has made a number of erroneous statements on this aspect. So that reduces the trust in public health again when people hear that and then realize that that was wrong.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Al Jazeera

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