Desperate CNN Host LOSES His Mind On Air

He’s willing to say anything to attack Trump.

According to Breitbart News, CNN anchor Jake Tapper attacked President Donald Trump on air stating he says “bizarreness from a different planet.”

Tapper said, “First of all, as Daniel Dale has said, you know President-elect Biden says things that aren’t true, but in terms of the speed and the brazenness of the falsehoods, nothing compares to outgoing President Trump. It’s just as a factual matter. Especially these days, with the craziness he’s saying about the election, I mean just bizarreness from a different planet.”

He added, “I think what was enjoyable as a journalist was, look, we all got into this business so that we could cover policy debates and discussions about issues that affect people’s lives. We didn’t get into this business to fact check or to call out racism or indecency. That’s not why we’re journalists, it’s what we spent a lot of time doing over the last four or five years, but it’s not why we got into the business. So there was just a certain kind of — pleasure is not the right word for it, but I like covering substance. I like covering policy. I like asking about the COVID relief package. Do you support this compromise or not? And that’s honestly, that’s something that outgoing President Trump isn’t particularly good at in terms of substance, he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about a lot of times.” You can read the full article here.

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One Comment

  1. JC

    Tapper has been increasingly acting like shmuck.. He even looks shell shocked when on air. He is a fake media freak and no longer an asset to the industry. By the way, the rest of the media hosts are no better. They cannot be believed.