Fox News Hosts Absolutely SHRED Biden

He brought this upon himself.

After Joe Biden stated that he will be calling a lid on his campaign in lieu of the presidential debate, Fox News anchors Dana Perino and Chris Wallace decided to take a jab at him.

Perino stated, “The thing that I think is interesting, in the battleground states, things are close. Some of them at least. You can see where the candidates are going. For example, President Trump is going to North Carolina tonight again. He really wants to make sure he keeps North Carolina in his column. And then Joe Biden has been invisible.”

Wallace added, “I think they called a lid on Monday morning in the Biden campaign until 9:00 Thursday night in Nashville at the debate. I’ve never seen that before and certainly not in the two weeks before the election.”

Biden seems to be thinking that either the election will be a cakewalk or he has given up. Read the rest of the article here.

Image Credit: The South African

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One Comment

  1. Michael Valgos

    Joe Biden doesn’t even know what state he is in This lying cheating old creeps mind is like an over done baked potato He does not have any plan all he does is mock the President but has no ideas of his own If he is waiting for Kamala Harris to come up with ideas he will have a very long wait She was a first to go from the election because she has no plan So the demoRats think 2 morons are better than one So there you have it