Kayleigh McEnany SILENCES Nancy Pelosi

She’s not messing around.

According to CNS News, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she called President Donald Trump’s historic peace deal a “distraction.

McEnany said, “What I will weigh into is the Middle East deal, the Middle East peace deal, signed yesterday that I did not receive a single question about. That was the first time it’s happened in a quarter-century.

She added, “If Obama and Biden had achieved this, it would look a lot different.

She continued, “You wouldn’t have (MSNBC’s) Chuck Todd saying he’s uncomfortable with the deal that brings peace between the United Arab Emirates and Israel and Bahrain. You wouldn’t have CBS calling it ‘a business deal.’”

McEnany concluded, “And, you wouldn’t have Nancy you wouldn’t have Nancy Pelosi calling it a ‘distraction.’ Maybe it’s a distraction from her visits to the hair salon – but, those were significant agreements. First time in a quarter of a century – three peace deals in 29 days. It took 26 years for the prior two peace deals. So, the Nobel Peace Prize nomination for the president, two of them: very well deserved.” You can read the full article here.

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