Furious Democrat Launches Blatant ATTACK On Trump

She’s going to regret this one.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Karen Bass attacked President Donald Trump stating that he doesn’t “care about his own supporters.”

Tapper said, “You’re a prominent supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. One of the frequent attacks we hear from the Trump campaign is that Biden is hiding in his basement instead of spending time on the campaign trail. Obviously, that is a huge overstatement, it’s campaign rhetoric, but it is true that since the end of the conventions, President Trump has taken at least ten trips while Biden has taken six. Do you want Biden to ramp up his public schedule to get out there to win this race?”

Bass said, “Well, let me tell you, I love seeing the vice president out there but what President Trump is doing exposing his own supporters—he’s very concerned about his own health. Everybody has to be tested to be around him. He makes sure he has social spacing, but he doesn’t care about his own supporters. Jake, you know, before this week is over, we will have lost 200,000 Americans. He obviously doesn’t care about them. But what has been shocking to me is that he doesn’t care about his own supporters. And so I don’t want to see Vice President Biden or Senator Harris on the campaign trail in that manner at all. I liked what I’ve seen from the vice president because the meetings and the discussions that he’s had, you can see he’s always following the public health protocols. There’s always social distancing there, and there’s substantive conversations. President Trump is holding rallies because he needs it for his own psychology. He needs it. The idea that he would be so callous to his own supporters is just beyond belief to me.” You can watch a clip of Bass’ remarks here.

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