They will say anything to attack Trump.

According to Breitbart News, CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner attacked President Donald Trump stating that his campaign rally in Nevada was “negligent homicide.”

Anchor Ana Cabrera asked, “Doctor Reiner, I remember talking to you before the Tulsa rally, and you were very concerned. You called it criminal endangerment. At that time, the U.S. at 2.2 million cases and 119,000 deaths. Today we have more than 6 million cases and 193,000 deaths. So if holding an indoor rally in June was criminal endangerment, what is it now?”

Reiner said, “Negligence homicide. What else could you call an act that, because of its negligence, results in the death of others? If you have a mass gathering now in the United States in a place like Nevada or just about any other place with hundreds or thousands of people, people will get infected, and some of those people will die.”

He continued, “There has been a lot of talk about over whether the president played down the risks of this virus to his followers and the country as a whole. And you have to just look at what is going on now to understand that. If you took this virus seriously, you would never hold an indoor rally or almost any rally now and particularly one that doesn’t enforce very strict rules on masks. People will die as a consequence of this. I think that Nevada has a law right now limiting gatherings to more than 50 people. So the president is defying that. Make no sense.” You can read the full article here.

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