Fox Reporter SILENCED After Trump’s Statement

He got put in his place.

During a recent press conference, a Fox News reporter, David Spunt, stated that there was “no hope” in Trump meeting with the Democrats to progress the economy after the pandemic.

Spunt said, “If they don’t want to meet, it is on them. A lot of people are criticizing you. I cover you on the weekends —.”

Trump jumped in stating, “I don’t think they are.”

Spunt continued saying, “Why have you not met with them? We are in September, there is no deal, there is no hope of a deal. We are two months out from the election.”

Trump retaliated saying, “Don’t say there’s no hope. Why do you say there’s no hope? What do you know? What do you know?”

Though the general public doesn’t see anything happening, there is most likely things happening between the Republicans and Democrats behind the scenes. To say there is “no hope” to Trump is like saying you know everything that’s going on and know for a fact nothing will happen.

It’s rude and condescending. Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: VG Wire

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