Trump SILENCES Liberal Mayor

He’s not messing around.

According to CNS News, President Donald Trump slammed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler stating he is a “poor, foolish, very stupid mayor.”

“I saw last night where these radical anarchists were trying to get into the mayor’s house, and lots of bad things were happening to this poor, foolish, very stupid mayor. I mean, how he could be mayor, I have no idea, but all he has to do is call and, within 10 minutes, their problem will be over,” Trump said.

“As you know, they have to call us. They have to call and request help. All he has to do is call, and the problem will end. They had tremendous numbers of people, really, harassing him horribly, and, I guess, trying to break into his house, and he still sticks up with him because he’s a fool. Only a fool would stick up for them like that,” He added. You can read the full article here.

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