She just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Karen Bass attacked President Donald Trump on CNN stating he was trying to “run out the statute of limitations on so many of the laws that he broke.”

Bass said, “I think that we’ve known from the beginning, the president has been essentially saying things like this from the moment it became real to him that he did not win the popular vote. And ever since then, he has been looking for mysterious voters, mysterious cheats — and you know in the last election, a major case of voter fraud was with Republicans in North Carolina. So we know that this is just fake. But what bothers me about it the most, though, is to sow the seeds of dissension that if and when he loses, that it means the election is rigged. That really sets the stage for a lot of chaos and could set the stage for civil unrest and violence, and it’s just shameful that he would be that desperate that he would resort to tactics like this.”

She added, “When we get rid of this administration, there will be so many new laws and regulations we need to look at when we get rid of this administration. We can never go through this again with somebody who is completely lawless, and that would resort to anything to stay in power. I do believe one of his main motivations for staying in power is he’s trying to run out the statute of limitations on so many of the laws that he broke, which I don’t even think he would be able to do that if he had a second term, but heaven help us.” You can read the full article here.

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  1. TK

    That’s is so hypocritical! Thevleft had done nothing but lie and slander because that’s all they have to offer! No plan to help citizens, just open borders, raise taxes and make stupid deals while leaving an ultra leftist crew to continue to sow their “green new deal” that would bankrupt the country. Let’s just face it, we don’t have very smart people in office so who werevthe real dummy’s that put them in? Look in the mirror and ask yourself!