CNN Host ERUPTS After THIS Happens

She’s lost all her marbles.

According to Breitbart News, anchor Brianna Keilar attacked President Donald Trump’s adviser Mercedes Schlapp stating “you’re saying a bunch of crap.”

Keilar said, “You know the biggest example of ballot harvesting happens bid a Republican operative in North Carolina in a Republican race.”

Schlapp said, “Look, it’s not acceptable with any party. We shall not allow for any election fraud for either Democrats or Republicans. My question to you is, who won the congressional districts in New York? We don’t know, because we fundamentally moved into this mail-in voting and we know that, for example, in the case of —”

Keilar said, “That has nothing to do with fraud. New York has nothing to do with fraud, Mercedes. What do you say to that?”

She added, “Mercedes, you’re saying that voter fraud is a thing, and I’m telling you that it is not. And you’re muddying the waters. And I also want to —Don’t you worry that that is going to actually hurt you? Isn’t that to the point why the president has said— Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes? This is just pointless, okay. This is pointless. I get it. You’re just saying a bunch of crap, OK. You’re saying a bunch of crap.” You can read the full article here.

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