Ted Cruz SLAMS Corrupt Politicians

They have no idea what just hit them.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Ted Cruz slammed corrupt politicians for their inactivity on helping control protests across the United States stating they are “endangering people’s lives.”

“[W]e’re seeing a growing … violence, we’re seeing physical assaults, we are seeing radicals who are trying to really tear down our society, and none of this should be complicated,” Cruz emphasized. “You have a right to protest. I have a right to protest peacefully. We have a right to speak our minds. The First Amendment protects that. What you and I don’t have a right to do is hurt somebody else. You don’t have the right to physically assault somebody else, to firebomb a police car, to loot and destroy a small business, to murder a police officer. And sadly, we have seen all of that in riots throughout the country, and all of that at the same time is being facilitated and even encouraged by Democratic politicians who have made a very cynical decision not to allow the police officers to actually do their jobs and protect physical safety, protect property. And so, they’ve ordered the police officers to pull back, and they are letting their cities burn.”

“[S]o, I’ve introduced legislation — it’s called the RECLAIM Act — that says if you are injured and if your property is damaged during a riot, and the local officials have made the deliberate decision to withhold police protection that you can sue that city, you can sue that municipality and get triple damages,” he continued. “In addition, any city that refuses to provide police protection during a riot is denied eligibility for federal funds because what these Democratic mayors and governors are doing … is wrong, it’s endangering people’s lives, and it’s denying the basic civil rights that every American is entitled to.” You can read the full article here.

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