“The View” Host Just Said WHAT About Trump?

She’s gone completely insane.

According to Breitbart News, “The View” host Sunny Hostin attacked President Donald Trump stating his threat to send un-uniformed federal officers to several U.S. cities were the “actions of a dictator.”

Hostin said, “It doesn’t make sense. It’s really quite unprecedented. This is something that I have been talking about, tweeting about. Every American should be concerned when you have a U.S. president deploying federal troops under the pretext of protecting federal property from vandalism and using violence against people who are protesting, which is our right, our constitutional right under the Constitution. And using that as a pretext and ratcheting up the violence and you know, arresting people with secret police, just arresting people in unmarked cars, this is something as Joy said, this is the beginning of fascism. This is something that you see in dictatorships, federal agents doing this. This is something that I’ve never seen. This is something that I’ve been speaking to my law enforcement friends, they’ve never seen. I quite frankly it’s not only unconstitutional I do think it’s illegal.”

She continued, “I know the Oregon state attorney general has filed a lawsuit, but how long is that going to take? When you’re talking about a president who said he’s sending it to Chicago and other states, this is just political posturing. I don’t know if people saw the video of the Navy vet that was attacked by these federal agents with his hand down. He was doing nothing, and apparently, his hand is broken in two places. All he was asking is, why are you doing this? You’re not upholding your oath to the Constitution. They broke his hand in two places. This is not America. This is not American. We really have to pay attention because we’re going down this slippery slope. We have the actions of a dictator.” You can watch a clip of Hostin’s remarks here.

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  1. Michael Valgos

    Where do these worthless fucking people come from She had to crawl from beneath a rock It also sounds as if she may have the same DNA as the rock I cannot believe people actually watch this shit on a stick They must be morons