Democrats ERUPTS After Trump Does THIS

You won’t believe what she said.

According to Breitbart News, former Sen. Claire McCaskill attacked President Donald Trump stating his decision on Roger Stone will cost the Republican Party Majority control over the Senate.

McCaskill said, “This was a criminal transaction. I think a legal theory is very sound that this was a broad criminal conspiracy that the president and Roger Stone were part of. They were part of hiding evidence against the president. The judge found that very clearly in this case that Roger Stone wasn’t lying to protect himself. He wasn’t lying to protect his wife or his family or some other criminal. He was lying to protect the president of the United States. So, there is a theory out there, which I think has a lot of validity, that there is still a case that could be brought against this criminal transaction.”

She added, “Now, let’s talk about the Republican Senators. We have Barr saying it was a righteous prosecution and a fair sentence, even though four prosecutors quit over Barr’s meddling in the sentence, but we have Republican Senators that are saying nothing. This shows such a lack of respect for the voters. Do they actually believe that the voters don’t see what’s happening here? Do they actually believe that voters don’t realize that the disrespect with which they’re being treated? The notion that Cory Gardner or Thom Tillis or Joni Ernst or Martha McSally or John Cornyn is too afraid to stand up and say presidents can’t commute sentences of people who are lying to protect them and threatening witnesses to protect them. This is not complicated. And I, I said over the weekend, and I believe it, I believe the Republicans will lose the Senate over this, and they deserve to.” You can watch a clip of McCaskill’s remarks here.

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