Tucker Carlson Makes BIG 2020 Prediction

Could this actually happen?

According to Breitbart News, Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Fox News political analyst Brit Hume discussed the 2020 election and came down to one huge prediction.

Carlson asked Hume if it was “fair to say no Republican could ever win a national election at least in the foreseeable future?”

“I think that’s a reasonable assumption in the foreseeable future, and it wouldn’t take 22 million,” Hume responded. “Let’s say the number were half that. 11 million new voters, the overwhelming majority of whom would vote for the Democrat, would keep the Democrats in power in the White House for sure for several election cycles at least.”

Hume pointed out that Biden’s plan “is not the agenda of a man who is trying to reach out beyond his own party for support,” but rather someone “trying to solidify support within his own party believe that that’s all he needs.”

“That is where we are,” Hume said. “This is a man who simply thinks that the nomination is all he needs, that is basically guaranteed the election. He might be right.”

Carlson asked Hume if most GOP voters understand that “we are headed at very high speed toward effectively a one-party state at least for the foreseeable future.”

“Well, they might,” Hume said before criticizing Trump’s missed opportunity after a “strong” Mount Rushmore speech after which he focused on criticizing NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace “instead of pounding home the message that had been handed to him basically on a platter by the Democrats attacks on his speech.” You can read the full article here.

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