Liberal Host Deals HEAVY BLOW To Trump

He just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough attacked President Donald Trump stating he’s “super spreader events” amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Marco Rubio and Rick Scott and some other Republicans who can no longer look at these super spreader events that Donald Trump is forcing people to put in place in Arizona, in Tulsa, in any area that kills. It will kill senior citizens,” Scarborough argued. “Arizona’s senior citizens — their lives just got a lot more complicated after the super spreader event that Donald Trump pushed in Arizona, so he could do what? So he could spread conspiracy theories about American democracy. And so he could say racist ramblings meant to inspire his 35%.”

He continued, “And, of course, all of this comes, all of this comes with a president of the United States and his allies on Facebook, his allies on talk radio, his allies on cable news, continuing to downplay the dangerousness of this virus, like Larry Kudlow. And, of course, Kellyanne Conway, back in March saying that the virus was contained. And then 120,000 Americans died, and now, Kudlow is once again saying it’s under control.”
Scarborough later added that Trump not wearing a mask and holding events with large crowds both showed he could not “bring himself to follow science, to save the lives of senior citizens and just let his doctors lead.” You can read the full article here.

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One Comment

  1. GomeznSA

    If joey was armed with something besides a whiffle ball bat he actually might be able to deliver a heavy blow. All he ends up doing is swinging and missing – or just whacking himself in his own head on the back swing. Of course that is only my considered opinion. I’m sure his faithful followers think he is spot on…………………………………