Democrats OUTED For Mass Civil Unrest

Democrats have nowhere left to hide.

According to CNS News, Rep. Josh Hawley slammed Democrats for stirring up a “culture war” to distract Americans from their “failed policies.”

Hawley said, “I mean, we can have a conversation about how to name bases in this country. To do that you would actually talk to the people who live at the bases, you would talk to the veterans who have served at those bases. You would talk to the local community and involve all of the stakeholders.”

He added, “That’s not the Democrats want to do. That’s not what Elizabeth Warren wants to do. She wants to mandate all of this behind closed doors without open debate or discussion”

He continued, “And the reason is, they are trying to divide and whip up a culture war to distract from their failed policies, their globalist failed policies that have hollowed out our inner cities and also hollowed out our small-towns, for that matter, left people without jobs, without a stake, without an ability to have a say any longer. They have no answer to that and they want to talk about anything but their actual record.” You can read the full article here.

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One Comment

  1. srw

    The Dems are using the scorched earth .. burn .. burn … destroy.. destroy… When you have no history … you have no nation… But do not doubt these Dems will build it back in the mirror of all these communists, Dictators .. All you the rights these Dems are willing to take away from us.. the lil people. But do not worry.. These Dems will still live high on our dollar. After all rules do not apply to these corrupt Dems…