Chuck Schumer CROSSES The Line, Says The UNTHINKABLE

He’s lost all his marbles.

According to Breitbart News, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attacked President Donald Trump stating “you never can underestimate how bad” he will be.

“Well, you never know what this president will do,” Schumer told MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt. “Every time you think there is some boundary, he goes beyond it and beyond it. And Lafayette Park incident, the terrible things that happened there is one of them. Well, one thing we have done, as you know, Kasie, in the HEROES bill, the COVID 4 bill, is a robust election package to allow every American to vote-by-mail to make sure the votes are counted accurately.”

He added, “We are also working on provisions that would prevent, greatly deter foreign interference. The president doesn’t even seem to care if Russia, Iran, China, interfere in our elections. And if past is prologue, they’re going to try to do it again. So, we’re trying all these kinds of things. And well, you know, the bottom line is that you never can underestimate how bad this president will be in every instance. But right now, we’re trying to protect the election, make it secure, and allow everyone who wants to, to vote-by-mail. And we’re going to fight for that in the COVID 4 bill.” You can watch a clip of Schumer’s remarks here.

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