Democrat SNAPS On Air, Deals LOW Blow To Trump

She just can’t get enough of Trump.

According to Breitbart News, former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice attacked President Donald Trump stating he gave a “Bull Connor-type speech.”

O’Donnell said, “Joe Biden was reacting to what he saw the president do with that Bible in front of that church yesterday, which was then condemned by the pastor of that church and other religious leaders in Washington. What was your reaction seeing the secretary of defense out there with the president and tonight the secretary of defense is trying to say, ‘I didn’t know we were going to a church. I thought we were just going out to talk to the troops who were out there.’ What was your reaction to that photo-op and the administration officials who accompanied the president on that photo-op?”

Rice said, “Let me begin by making the obvious point, what we saw today from Joe Biden in Philadelphia is what a president is supposed to do, what a president is supposed to say. He’s supposed to infuse his remarks with empathy, with compassion, with an understanding of the very real historic pan that so many African-Americans, including myself, feel in this country. Contrast that with Donald Trump, where everything is a political stunt designed to divide. For the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs, in combat fatigues, to stand up with the president, after he’s given sort of Bull Connor-type speech, and then brandishes a Bible before an Episcopal church, my faith, without the permission of the pastor of that church, it’s about trying to divide us and inflame us for his political benefit. When you say it’s an empty threat, I hope it proves to be an empty threat, that he won’t deploy the military in the states of this union. But here in the District of Columbia, where I live, this is my hometown. We are living that nightmare last night and today, with thousands of federalized, armed forces on our streets. Blackhawk helicopters buzzing peaceful protesters at very low altitudes. It’s very scary here. So we’re living that real-time.” You can watch a clip of Rice’s remarks here.

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One Comment

  1. Beverly

    President Trump is not a man who has spent years being a congressman. He does what has worked for him in his years of being a builder/developer. He doesnt play the Washington game. What he is doing is trying to bring order and peaceful times to our country. He is hated by Democrats because he doesnt take bribes, turns a blind eye to to the lobbyists and smuse with Pelosi. He wouldnt be a billionaire he is today if he played Congresses illegal games. The Democrats have always been back stabbers, thinking they had more power than anyone else. I havent eever seen a good Democratic president. And I go back to FDR.U people who hate him because he doesnt play your games, need to get your acts together with truthfulness. I have watched Schemer whine, cry and lie for many,many years but Ive never seen anything he has done for the residences of NYState or for the American people. Pelosi tries to act like the Queen that rules over everyone. telling them what they can or cant do. Schiff is a menetal case that needs to resign and get treatment for his mental illness. He is as much a sociopath as the queen of lies and other crimes, aas she is. Add her Bipolaar disorder and you end up with criminals. Just started reading “Inside the Trump Whitehouse “ and they go back to the Clinton’s era. they were chaotic, they were demanding, they were party animals, they hated structure, they hated most of all the Secret Service. WOW! the stories they tell, would make white hair turn back to brown.