Schumer CROSSES The line, Accuses Trump Of THIS

He’s going to regret this.

According to CNS News, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attacked President Donald Trump stating he’s lying about taking hydroxychloroquine to guard against COVID-19.

Schumer said, “He may not have been taking it for all we know. He just likes to make a splash. And I want to make a comment on that, Steve. What the president did with hydroxychloroquine was reckless, simply reckless.”

He added, “The experts say — every expert who has looked at it says it doesn’t help you against COVID. So he’s giving people false hope. He may have — people may take it instead of going to the doctor.”

Schumer further stated, “But it’s worse than that, his own FDA has said it has bad side effects, whether it – it affects the rhythm of the heart in many bad ways. So for him to say this is reckless, it shows no regard for the public.”

He said, “And then you have to ask yourself, Steve, why did he say it. Does he have a friend or a member of the family who might be benefiting? Is he trying to divert attention from his failure at COVID? Maybe he just likes to make a splash regardless of the consequences.”

he continued, “But as I mentioned, one thing you don’t know, maybe he’s really not taking it, because the president lies about things characteristically-like.” You can read the full article here.

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