Trump BREAKS Silence On Election, STUNS Liberals

He’s not messing around

According to the Daily Caller, President Donald Trump slammed liberal media and traitorous Republicans stating in addition to “Sleepy Joe Biden,” he was running against media “and some really stupid Republicans.”

“These are two the press doesn’t even write,” Trump lamented. “If we had lost the seats it would be headline news, ‘Rough Time for Trump.’ Because I’m running against ‘Sleepy Joe Biden,’ but I’m also running against the Democrat machine and you see how bad they are with all of the things that are coming out.”

“I’m running against the Democrats and I’m running against the media. I’m running against the radical left. I’m running against some really stupid Republicans that don’t understand how good they had it because we have some Repub — 95 or 96% with the Republican Party but we have some people that claim to be Republicans and they have gone crazy and the reason is I’ve defeated them all,” Trump continued.

“What are those guys going to do, support Joe Biden?” he shrugged. You can read the full article here.

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