Furious Democrat Goes CRAZY On Air, ATTACKS Trump

He’s completely lost it.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Chris Murphy attacked President Donald Trump stating he’s leading the country “down a potential path of slaughter.”

Murphy said, “You have this new estimate suggesting that because of these early re-openings without enough testing capacity, we’re going to get to a point in the early summer where 3,000 people will be dying every single day. That is essentially a 9/11 happening every single day over the course of the summer, near doubling of the death rate today. The president has lost patience, as he frankly has lost patience with every endeavor he’s ever been involved in with his life when it doesn’t go well from the get-go. And he’s about to lead this country down a potential path of slaughter.”

He continued, “In the Northeast, we have done some of the right things. So we’ve been able to turn the trend line in a positive direction. But we’ve done that without any help from the federal government. When I got on the phone with a hospital in Connecticut, they don’t tell me any of the PPE or the testing machines have come to them through the federal government. They’ve had to do it all on their own. Today in Connecticut, we’re doing thousands of less tests than we should be doing. Why? Because we don’t have swabs. If we started building swabs on a federal basis two months ago, we wouldn’t be in that position today. So we’ve made progress in Connecticut. But much of that is going to potentially be reversed because of this administration’s insistence on opening up too early, violating their own guidelines. Even if we beat it in Connecticut, if you have a surge in some other part of the country, it will find its way to our state.” You can watch a clip of Murphy’s remarks here.

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