Coronavirus Vaccine AVAILABLE?

This could change everything…

Recently, a Seattle woman became the first person to receive an experimental vaccine shot for the coronavirus. The woman, Jennifer Haller, stated that the process was similar to a flu shot and was very easy. She was the first one in a group of 45 volunteers to receive the shot.

The lead investigator for the experimental vaccine made sure to clarify that the people getting the shot would not become infect because it contains “a harmless genetic code, copied from the virus, that causes the disease.”

“There’s no chance of getting coronavirus from the vaccine., the vaccine is not made from the virus. …It includes a genetic code that instructs the cells in the body to make a protein that the virus has in order to induce an immune response against that protein, which would hopefully allow an immune response to be built more quickly should a person later become infected with the actual virus.”

For now there is not an official approved vaccine for the public, but this is the “fastest [scientists] have ever gone from a sequence of a virus to a trial.” This first step in creating a vaccine for the novel coronavirus will hopefully save many.

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Image Credit: Nature

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