Lindsey Graham Breaks Silence, DESTROYS Democrats

He has had enough…

After Trump’s recent coronavirus address to the nation, Lindsey Graham has come out and said that the speech was “an economic vaccine.”

He stated that, “If we will follow his lead — I’m not so sure about the payroll tax (suspension) yet — but everything else he said made sense to me to stabilize the economy and prevent the spread of the virus.”

The Democrats have recently been attacking and criticizing Trump for his responses to the coronavirus and continue to do so even after the recent speech. They are criticizing “the rollout of coronavirus testing to his concerns about the economy.” So basically anything Trump does is not good.

“Trump can do nothing right, no matter what he does or doesn’t do, according to Democrats.”

It’s a good thing we have sound and intelligent people in the government like Lindsey Graham who is willing to tell the ignorant how Trump is helping Americans.

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Image Credit: The New Republic

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