Tucker Carlson SLAMS Sanders For THIS

He’s going to need to put some ice after this…

During a Fox News segment, host Tucker Carlson and his co-host Mark Steyn agreed on the fact that Bernie Sanders is “a hypocrite” for talking about climate change. Carlson said, “What a hypocrite he is. What a foolish old hypocrite, a liar.”

“I have to ask you about Bernie Sanders. He’s promising a $16 trillion green New Deal because he cares so deeply about climate. It’s an ‘existential crisis.’ He doesn’t really care about the actual environment and so he flies private constantly.”

Steyn responded saying, “I initially sympathized. I thought one of the reasons he’s so hunched was from having to bend down to get into the little pathetic US Air Northwest Continental TWA puddle jumper up to Burlington [Vermont].”

This is what Democrats are nowadays, just hypocrites saying anything they can in order to win an election. They are the reason why America is not progressing as fast as it could be. Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: AOL.com

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