Trump EXPOSES What Liberal Media Is Secretly Doing

We need to make sure this they get taken down for this…

President Trump is facing much criticism after his recent speech about the coronavirus outbreak. Late-night comedians and liberal TV news anchors nitpicked everything Trump said. CNN Business stated:

“President Trump’s political allies have made overly optimistic statements only to be contradicted by the government’s top scientists and doctors. For example, Trump claimed on Monday that the coronavirus was “very much under control in the USA.” A day later, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the virus’ spread to the US was inevitable. He said the stock market is “starting to look very good” even as the Dow was nosediving amid coronavirus anxiety.”

Liberal media is making sure to blow everything out of proportion in order to hurt Trump. A Fox News quote sums up everything that is happening:

“Trump called Pelosi ‘incompetent’ and accused her of using the virus for a political reason during a press conference where he sought to minimize fears of the virus spreading and announced that Vice President Mike Pence will head up Washington’s response to the outbreak. ‘She’s trying to create a panic and there is no reason to panic,’ Trump said. ‘All they are trying to is get a political advantage, but this shouldn’t be a political thing.’

The president knows exactly what to do, but he will have to just “ride out the coming storm and hope the American people can see through the hysteria being generated by Democrats and the media.”

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Image Credit: The Sun

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