2020 Democrat’s DISGUSTING Past Exposed

Are any of these crooked Democrats worth of being president?

A letter has re-emerged stating that 2020 Democrat candidate Amy Klobuchar will not be receiving endorsement because of her “hostile” treatment of her staff. The letter stated:

“Throughout her tenure as Hennepin County Attorney, Amy Klobuchar has demonstrated her disdain for the very employees that have placed her in the position to run for the office she now seeks. She has denigrated these lawyers both publicly and privately. She has refused to support their efforts to obtain fair wage adjustment. She has taken credit for the hard work of her employees. She has severely damaged the morale of the office.”

“AFSCME must hold Amy Klobuchar responsible for her shameful treatment of her employees.”

So, she’s controlling everyone working under her with “fear, anger, and shame.” Is this a person we want as president? This is probably a normal for Democrats, but this will not be a normal for America.

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Image Credit: slate.com

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