She has finally lost it all…

Pelosi is in a world of her own apparently. She was interviewed by CNN recently and claimed that Trump was NOT acquitted by the Senate. The interviewer, Christiane Amanpour, asked, “What about though, the fact that the president seems liberated … he was acquitted, his poll ratings are higher.”

Pelosi responded saying, “He was not, there was no acquittal. You can’t have an acquittal unless you have a trial, and you can’t have a trail when you have witnesses and documents. So he can say he’s acquitted, and the headlines can say ‘acquitted,’ but he’s impeached forever, branded with that and not vindicated.”

I don’t know Pelosi, I think there are many articles saying that Trump was acquitted. So either she is in her own fantasy world or she’s hoping really hard that reality isn’t real.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Washington Times

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