Melania Trump DESTROYS Nancy Pelosi With One Sentence

She’s not messing around.

According to the Daily Caller, President Donald Trump revealed First Lady Melania Trump’s destructive response to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment comments.

“She is a person that started on impeachment and lost. So she goes down as a loser, which she is,” Trump said.

“It was said sadistically,” he said referring to when Pelosi commented that Trump is “impeached forever.”

“If you watch the way she says that with the hatred and the venom coming out of her ears, you just take a look at that the hatred that was pouring her when she said that.”

Trump said that Melania in particular was not happy with Pelosi. “My wife was sitting here and watched it and she said ‘Oh my, that was horrible.’” You can read the full article here.

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One Comment

  1. Stephen Weiss

    The House also made a motion to condemn her for her classless tearing up Trump’s speech at the State of the Union…she needs to understand, that whether they vote on that, table it, or what not, she IS Censured FOREVER!!!!!!!!!