Mitch McConnell’s Threat Leaves Democrats In Dread

He’s ready to take them down…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is ready for the end of the impeachment trial. He has said that there are “enough votes among his Republican colleagues in the Senate to block votes for additional witnesses in the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump.”

This is great news. Recently Texas Senator Ted Cruz also confirmed his vote against calling more witnesses and more senators joined him afterwards. Cruz also gave a little response to his decision saying, “I will tell you why he should be acquitted and why he will be acquitted. Quid pro quo doesn’t matter, it’s a red herring. It doesn’t matter if there was a quid pro quo or not. The reason is a president is always justified and in fact has a responsibility to investigate credible evidence of corruption.”

“On Friday, I’m going to vote that we don’t need any more witnesses with 17 witnesses in the House, we’ve heard all the evidence. The House Managers have failed.”

Read the rest of the details here.

Image Credit: Ring of Fire Radio

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One Comment

  1. allen blaine

    The main stream conspiracy news media networks working with and covering up the Dems corruption are trying like h*ll to twist this around. All of us need to send tweets and e-mails to all of the so called major news networks and demand they quit trying to destroy this nation. I do it every day to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and even Fox News. One person does not make a difference. If millions of us do it, it will have an impact. Lets roll!!