Adam Schiff THREATENS Senators To Their Face

He better get ready to receive retaliation after saying this… 

Schiff decided that for the third day of impeachment hearings he would try to create some humor before starting. Schiff said, “I also want again take this opportunity to thank the senators for their long and considerable attention over the course of the last two days. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the morning starts out every day with a Sergeant at Arms warning you that if you don’t, you will be in prison.

“It is our hope that when the trial concludes and you’ve heard us and the president’s counsel over a series of long days, that you don’t choose imprisonment instead of anything further.” 

His “joke” fell completely flat. He’s getting desperate because he knows Democrats will not be winning and is trying to use humor to cover up the fact. Read the rest of his desperate measures here.

Image Credit: Washington Times

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  1. GomeznSA

    Sheesh – 30 thousand comedians out of work (that includes you kathygriffin) and schiff is trying to be ‘funny’. Wouldn’t it be a LOT better for him and his cronies to be tending to the people’s business rather than this sham peach mint?
    Yes, I know, they ‘think’ (actually they do NOT think) that they have some sort of self-appointed mandate to ‘get Trump’ – at any cost.

  2. srw

    Don’t know which is worse… Schift’s endless babbling. Turned it on.. and he droning on…. changed the channel… came back a couple of hours later. Could not believe he was repeating what I had turned off a couple of hours ago…..droning… droning… lies on and on. Then when I turned on media outlets they are telling us HOW BRILLIANT SCHIFT IS…… what a load of barnyard left overs.