Hollywood Star ERUPTS After Latest Senate Move

She just made a big mistake.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signed on as a co-sponsor to Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) resolution to change the Senate’s rules to allow a vote to dismiss the Democrats’ two articles of impeachment if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) fails to submit them within 25 days.

According to The Daily Wire, actress Alyssa Milano responded to the news by saying, “F***. F***. F***. This is what happens when we pivot our focus to Iran: McConnell is backing a resolution to change the Senate’s rules to allow for lawmakers to dismiss articles of impeachment against President Trump before the House sends them over,” Milano tweeted.

McConnell addressed the Democrats’ delay in handing over the impeachment articles, slamming Pelosi for spending “twelve weeks undermining the institution of the presidency with an historically unfair and subjective impeachment and now, for the sequel, they’ve come after the institution of the Senate as well.” You can read the full article here.

image credit : Occasion2B.com

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