Buttigieg Uses GOD To Slander Trump

How could he even think of this…

Mayor Pete Buttigieg criticized President Donald Trump and Christian Republicans for betraying their faith with their policies.

“What I would say is that it’s clear that some naked sins are being at best condoned by people who then summon religious arguments,” Buttigieg said in an interview with Religion News Service.

Buttigieg was sharply critical of Christians in the Trump administration, accusing them of hypocrisy.

“[I]t’s also just seeing the hypocrisy among people who now endorse people and practices that are offensive, not only to my values but to their own,” he said.

Buttigieg touted his own Christian faith as a strength in his presidential campaign.

“[T]here’s certainly no contradiction to me between being young, being progressive and being Christian,” he said. “I think maybe just providing an example of how that can come about might help others on various sides of these divides realize that we’ve got a common cause here.”

As a Democrat, he explained, he would continue to honor the idea of “separation of church and state” but would use religious values to inspire Americans toward progressive policies.

“Our message is the same for everybody,” he said. “But we might find different relationships and connections to help ensure that message reaches people who maybe have not felt welcomed or spoken to by my party for some time, even though our positions might very well harmonize with their values.”

“[I]t is flat-out false that Christian faith or any faith compels us to support or condone what is going on in this White House today,” Buttigieg said while addressing the Black Church PAC Presidential Candidate Conversation series earlier.

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  1. John

    Are you for real and maybe you ought to read the Bible before trying to use it against others.
    For example men are not to lie with other men? Same goes for women and having sex with animals.
    Maybe one day you will understand or will reap what you sow!

    We do not need or want your criticism, go find a real church and repent of your own sins.

    Go Trump and MAGA/KAG.

  2. Steve

    Sounds like this fool sure don’t know his bible just wants to spout stupid stuff , he didn’t make the police in his area happy a while back !

  3. Gary

    Well Petety boy it’s obvious you know nothing about God or his word because he has made it very clear in the scriptures that he hates the sin of Homosexuality and that those (like you) who practice it will spend eternity in the Lake of fire and Brimstone as punishment for your despicable sinful lifestyle when you stand before him on judgement day

  4. Dave Ledford

    Its actually getting comical. If a group of people can show stupidity. The dem candidates have done it. The scary and sad part is.Theres enough people out there to put 1 of them in office.