Elizabeth Warren Has TOTAL MELTDOWN During Questioning

Elizabeth Warren is getting extremely heated…

We all know that the No. 1 priority of Elizabeth Warren is running for president right now, and one of her talking points is getting icky money out of politics — she doesn’t believe anyone who has served in office should turn around and take a job as a lobbying gig.

And so when she was stuck doing her job as a senator on Tuesday and questioning Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, she decided to make him take her campaign promise — which he wouldn’t. Instead, he put her in her place, leading her to have quite the temper tantrum when her time was called.

It is definitely the best part. Does she have the temperament to serve as president of the United States? Doesn’t look like it.

That was one of our greatest fears when Hillary was running, sincerely.

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  1. Pj

    Warren , a fake person and a disgrace to the office she hold. Really people why did you vote this liar in?. She has lied from day one. She is the elite. She will never give up her money. That tax on the wealthy does not include her. Just like the Democrat party did. They voted not to have Obama care. Muslims in this country did not have to take either. This what the nut cases Democrat party does. By pass themselves to all laws that the American people have to take. Keep voting Democrat and your freedoms rights and are gone. Democrat party let Muslims into the government. The take over if America had started.