Tlaib Makes INSANE Claim Against Border Facilities

There is no line that Tlaib won’t cross…

On ABC’s “This Week,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) said at the border detention centers “literally every single woman confirmed” they were told by agents to drink from the toilet.

Tlaib said, “Literally every single woman confirmed what the one woman said, which is I asked for water and they said go drink it from the toilet. I think there was too many of us, I mean there was close to over 10 or 11 members of Congress, several of them were in the same cell unit where the 14 women or so was at. And then I was in another area where the door they finally were able to open up the door for me to speak to a grandmother who has been there for 40 days and had not seen her grandson that she came with since then, who is also special needs.”

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  1. Charles Michalek

    All I can tell the people in Minesota and Michigan ,is that they better vote these two radical muslims out of Congress and send them packing back where they come from . If they dont we wont have country anymore, it’ll be run by muslims .

    1. Pj

      Here in Michigan , she lied to get voted in. Blame it on Detroit. Our new governor won’t do anything about her lies to get elected. Our governor is a Democrat party person. Already to raise taxes and destroy small businesses in Michigan. She screwed the people with car insurance scam. Car insurance companies wrote the bill.

  2. JC

    It is terrible that a member of Congress has to lie like this to get attention for her self. She should leave the US and go back where she came from. We don’t need her here. She has been bad for the immigration issue and has not taken her job seriously.

  3. gls

    She is just another liar and anti american. If these radical liberal commies hate America so bad they need to leave the country, leave their visa’s here and denounce their American citizenship. They do not belong in this country and that includes aoc — she can go to her home island of Puerto Rico.

  4. Eliosabeth Crowell

    This AOC is definitely bad for our country. She must have pulled some shenanigans to get elected, Michigan voters and the governor of the state need to do something about getting rid of her immediately.