Arizona says BYE-BYE to Nike

No mercy for Nike…

After former NFL player, Colin Kaepernick complained to Nike executives that their “Betsy Ross” shoe was offensive and could be constructed as a symbol of approval for slavery, white nationalism, and white supremacy, Nike recalled the sneaker. Arizona’s govenor, Doug Ducey, announced that he is withdrawing financial incentives that had been offered to move Nike’s manufacturing to Arizona.

“Arizona’s economy is doing just fine without Nike. We don’t need to suck up to companies that consciously denigrate our nation’s history,” Ducey tweeted.

The state of Arizona was ready to release news about their collaboration with Nike in the city of Goodyear. Shortly after Nike stopped all production and distribution of their “Betsy Ross”, Ducey voiced his feelings on social media.

Arizona and Nike were in the works of opening a multi-million dollar manufacturing plant, that would employee approximately 500 people.

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  1. Pj

    So sick of this racist card crap. This is America and that’s our flag. If you don’t like it please leave you ungrateful pieces of traitorous trash. Enough . Democrat party and anyone else. Pack , leave, America doesn’t want whiny uneducated fools. There is enough in Congress.

    1. William M

      This pulling the race card’s nonsense. if the blacks don’t like something, it’s racial, and is getting to be old hat. Newsflash: the founding fathers were slave owners, deal with it! Really this racist political correctness in nothing but more liberal BULLSHIT being shoved down out throats.. And as for slavery reparations, I don’t owe these ingrateful blacks SQUAT, period.,end of discussion. All of my ancestors came from north of the Mason Dixon line and never owned slaves, not a one. so again I owe these ingrateful ‘you owe me ’cause my grandparents were slaves’ nothing but the sweat off my ass.and i’ve got the genealogical evidence and proof to support this. If these ingrates want a beyyer life, well they need to get offf their asses, get a good education and realize nobody, much less the government, aka the taxpayers owes ’em a living. The programs started in the 1960’s: HUD, affirmative action and the various welfare programs were an attempt to atone for this injustice and if these blacks were too damned stupid or lazy to take advantage of these programs and missed the train, well too damned bad. ‘Nuff said, move on!

  2. John Bloxson Jr.

    Goodridence just go for an American Company that has not soiled itself with that Arse Keaperdick, or any Company that accepts Political Correctness gone amuck. The Snow Flakes like those in Commufornia whom cringe at a mural of George Washington, or want to tear down a statue to the Writer of our Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson because he owned Slaves is not strong enough to be an AMERICAN CITIZEN to begin with!!!

  3. Timothy Toroian

    I admire the governor. I have a brother in AZ. As far as jobs are concerned, there can be a cost to standing on principle. Surrendering principle for a few jobs would be cowardice and any resident who thinks otherwise should move to California or some other west coast People’s Republic.

  4. lzib

    Well, the Smart and Patriotic thing to do is Puma or Adidas to slap the Betsy Ross Flag on a pair of tennise fast and sell them out to the REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS!!!

    I will never buy a pair of Nikes anti-American SJW bs shoes again.