Ocasio-Cortez COMPLETELY Flips On Border Crisis

Ocasio-Cortez is showing just how incompetent she is…

Yesterday, a photographer tweeted out four pictures of then-House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visiting a tent city near El Paso, Texas and expressing shock and horror by what she was seeing (the photos only featured AOC and didn’t show what she was looking at). The photographer said the photos were taken from this past Monday one year ago, and it was well remembered by Ocasio-Cortez:

With that in mind, a subsequent tweet from AOC was found:

The pictures depicting Ocasio-Cortez were supposedly taken in June last year, and this tweet is from January this year:

Try not to get whiplash from the sudden shift in direction that seems to rely on how the political wind blows:

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  1. Eliosabeth Crowell

    AOC is insane — She is spouting libelous taunts about the president and at the same time tryikng to hel.p more migrants to invadeour country.


    AOC represents the ignorance of liberalism. Hard to believe that she could be elected to Congress not even knowing the 3 branches of government ! God help us!

  3. lzib

    Someone, please tell this Twit that Twitter is not the same as Snapchat, the messages don’t disappear on their own and we can SEE THEM!

    Obviously, she thinks we are all as stupid as she is. She decides to go for the phony photo shoot picks of a horrified AOC when she forgot that she also hoped onboard the-
    “Trump Created Crisis” bandwagon!

    She complains about no beds for children and the inhumanity at the border for illegals, then applauds those who would deny them beds?!

    Just what kind of drugs is she on?

    Anyone who believes the crap that comes out of this dimwits, oh so woke, SJW wannabe, who is, of course, a smarter and holier-than-thou self-righteous arbiter of all things moral (if not actually factually semantically accurate) is as Moronic as she is!

  4. William M

    Sad to have to say “thank God this incompetent twit is in New York and not here in California where we have more than out share of socialistic liberals doing their damndest to destroy America. ” They’ve already destroyed California as I can see it. Sadly the liberals here have got a vice grip on this state and the thinking among us have to live with the consequences of the votes by the clueless and mindless morons who keep voting for this anti America and American people trash

  5. Gregory KARAS

    This Bimbo, is a real nut case, posing for the photographer, using phony expressions, who ever voted for this Bimbo, they rely are as stupid as she is, yo have top be, some body please get this clown out of congress, one way or the other, so that can have one less liar, and peice of human garbage representing our country.

  6. Debi

    Every Democrat serving in Congress is incompetent…incompetent AND a media whore. She is a communist.