Ocasio-Cortez Turns Visit To Border Into PATHETIC Photo Op

Ocasio-Cortez is willing to do anything to further her cause…

Photographer Ivan Pierre Aguirre tweeted out these four pictures of then-House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visiting the tent city of Tornillo near El Paso, Texas shortly before her primary race in 2018, stating he took “these previously unpublished fotos a yr ago today”

And AOC shared the images, saying this was the moment “I saw with my own eyes that the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents,& caged them”:

But people have questions and believe the pictures have been set up. Matt Walsh:

And from the Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo:

As far as the pictures are concerned, Aguirre did share them a year ago and it is evident from the one on the bottom right that AOC is at the front gate to the facility and she’s reacting emotionally to…the guards? And she’s nearly collapsing due to a gate with her face in her hands? We have questions:

What do you think: Staged or real?

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  1. BD

    This very young uninformed radical left liberal comes to the border and all she sees is what she wants to see, her photo op was definitely stage so everyone could see her crying. Seriously, crying. I cannot for the life of me understand the illegals breaking our laws and rules can cause anyone to cry and feel sorry for their predicament . Other than the children and babies they all damn know what they are getting themselves in to! Our country’s border patrol does everything in their power to take care of these children, they are not treated like animals. AOC and every other liberal needs to get a grip. These illegals are breaking the law and we are suppose to welcome them with open arms? While they offer zero help to solve the immigration problems, we are not obligated to take in illegals and make their life’s happy ever after. The bleeding hearts in Congress need to do their damn jobs and quit being the problem. It is not going away so they better help or get the hell out of the way!

    1. William M

      Why are still getting ‘updates ‘ on the antics of this brainless, clueless twit? Her 15 minutes of fame are long over. Time for her to go, ad ‘GO’ by any and all legal means possible, IMMEDIATELY.! She’s wasting our time and more importantly wasting our tax dollars paying her her overinflated and unearned salary.

  2. John Bloxson Jr.

    She sure knows how to ham it up even if she is to stupid to to know real from fantasy. She looks at the Idea of Socialism but not the Reality just as Bernie Sanders say but does not practice what he preaches. And Biden has more waffle then a real Waffle. Then there is Fauxachantas Warren, and Any Bed will do Harris, add to that Cry Wolf Gillibrand. Then we have Spartacus Booker, and Military Intelligence Driver Pete Buttigieg, and Hacker O’Rourke yes the DemoCommunist Party of America is full of fools of Which A. O. C., and Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib Fakestinian of Michigan what a group I saw the Death of the Democratic Party of America with the advent of William Jefferson Pinocchio Clinton.

  3. Jose

    Just take a glance into any a “social media” forum and, or, dare venture into the “substance” that’s being presented as (fake) “news” by most them mainstream media liberals .. and, if in your doing so, you still don’t find it alarming to clearly notice of the fact that, our present day USA’s society is .. literally, infested by (stupid ?) millions of people who appear to no longer be capable to tell right from wrong. Is this but the truth being reflected for our having da-liberals in “control” of our children’s “education” ? or, could it be that, perhaps, such is but the one main reason why “We .. the people” continue on being “represented and served” by nothing other than a good many fraudulent lying traitors and thieves .. by “leaders” who are no better than toxic parasites .. so chosen by them millions of idiots and dummies who can’t even tell the difference when facing a crook, a scumbag clown or, some totally ignorant incompetent fake(s) who often go around – like rabid whores – talking about stuff and things that they know nothing about.

  4. lzib

    If she is soooo saddened by seeing people who broke our laws behind fences and rather then living homeless on the streets (like a million + American Citizens) that she breaks down in tears maybe she does not have the backbone needed to be an adult let alone a congresswoman!

    Please, she is a fake as they come, this is all designed for her campaign and political gain. Anyone who believes it when we do not see her in the homeless tent cities where American men, women, children, and babies are starving, have no clean water, must defecate in the street than living with the diseases that arise from this Where are her phony tears for them?! She is a US congresswoman, right? sworn to do what is in the USAs best interest right?

    But instead, she seems to be more concerned with Citizens of Other Countries who break out Laws (Hello, AOC, it is you and your co-worker’s job to fix these laws) then she cares about upholding the oath she took upon entering office. AOC is a disgrace and the saddest part is she honestly is not smart enough to even see her own hypocrisy.

  5. Leftshot

    The word that came to me was “contrived”.

    If she actually saw something worthy of her expressions and body language…wouldn’t she show it?

  6. JC

    Another poor acting job by AOC. Why doesn’t she talk her buddies into resolving the immigration issues instead of doing nothing and causing all these problems!

  7. mike dar

    So she is worth 11 million already… how many dollars has she donated towards diapers, tooth paste and the such? Oh yeah… it isn’t about solving anything ‘Immigrant’, it is entirely about following what George Soros and the Young Turks who paid for your campaign want you to do.

  8. lzib

    I would rank her performance worth of a Mexican Telenovela- but a D performance by US standards…sorry AOC, not buying it.