Holocaust Survivors Rip Ocasio-Cortez A New One

She’s trying to push this under the rug…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is doubling down on her claim that the Trump administration is running concentration camps on the southern border, tweeting that the administration is also “fighting to not give children toothpaste or soap” and “making people sleep on dirt floors.”

The freshman Democrat made the stunning remarks in a series of tweets, accusing the GOP of supporting the construction of “mass concentration camps on the southern border.”

She added: “Reminder this admin is CHOOSING to round up refugees seeking asylum, fighting to not give children toothpaste or soap & making people sleep on dirt floors.”

Two Holocaust suvivors spoke out against Ocasio-Cortez’s comparison in a video released by Turning Point USA.

“For every ten Jews, nine were killed,” David Tuck, one of the survivors who endured four concentration camps, said. “I was lucky.”

“You have no concentration camps here,” he added, questioning Ocasio-Cortez for making such an inappropriate comparison.

“She’s looking out for herself. There must be a purpose, a reason. Why would she say it? She wants to be popular,” he said.

Sami Steigmann, who is also a survivor of concentration camps, was “subjected to medical experiments.”

“I went through it. How can you – looking at my face – tell me that the camps that they have in the south are concentration camps?” he asked the New York lawmaker.

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  1. Eliosabeth Crowell

    Democrats (supposedly) in the House are allowing people like Cortez Ilham, and others to twist all facts and present outright lies that have ruined the Democrat Party. Rank and file need to take corrective action against them and Pelosi.

  2. Michel Bouganim

    Omar is total fraud from tax invasion, marrying her brother “ incest” and another man, anti-Semite , and probably election fraud too.
    Tlaib is a terrorist surrounded by Muslims in her entire staff a history denier and Jew and Christian hater.
    OAC is an imposter and also a fraud . She claims Jewish roots that her ancestors came from Spain as part of the Spanish Inquisition ..take a DNA test Cortez just like Warren did and it turned out that is was a total lie and a fraud .

  3. Pj

    Nancy Pelosi is in charge. She a disgrace leader. She will nothing to stop these three disgusting people. Democrat party is just fill with liars and uneducated fools.

  4. BD

    The progressive radical new left wing of the Democrats don’t know anything, they just talk out their arse! They even have brought the rest of the lefts demos down to their level of stupidity!

  5. Jane

    Horseface, Homer Omar, and Piglosi are what the dumb Dems are. The party of intolerance, hate, and death of innocent human beings. I want no part of any of them.

  6. Claude Fenworthy

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a descendant of a Nazi who escaped Germany after WWII and went to South America. He eventually found his was to the place where AOC was born and raised. I have posted this on so many blogs sites, and on so many threads, AOC cannot have missed it. She has never answered me, and she never will. If she ever actually said who her South American family founder really was, everyone would know he fought for Hitler and the Third Reich during World War 2. The good news is; she comes by her anti-Semitism honestly. She was born into a family of anti-Semitic National Socialists. You didn’t know that was the actual name of the Nazi Party? Yeah, they were the National Socialists, and Adolph Hitler gave speeches on the radio during WWII where he told the British that the National Socialists would NEVER buckle, never fail, and never lose.

  7. Bill

    Mr. Fenworthy, besides being born from the linage of Hilter S.S. Death Head Nazi’s, AO Cortez doesn’t have the greatest past either. Everyone in the world knows that female bartenders in the Bronx are all Whores. They work at the bar to attract new customer’s to come to their flat and pay to have sexual intercourse with them! If such a person exists that honestly doesn’t know that about Bronx women bartenders then he or she has lived inside a cave all their life and is a complete moron. AO Cortez is a flat-back-stinking-Ho, she reeks of the smell of sex, the smell of seamen oozing, or bubbling, out of her private parts, which we can’t talk about. No I’m afraid AO Cortez ain’t nothing but a scummy, mentally ill Whore! Sorry but that’s the stinking truth.