Sarah Sanders’ Final Words Set Democratic Party ON FIRE

They just got hit with a freight train of reality…

During the launch of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in Orlando, Florida, he called to the stage White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who is set to leave the White House this month.

Trump described her as “a woman who has been so good, so talented, so wonderful.” as she was walking onto the stage.

“Thank you, Mr. President,” Sanders said as she stood behind the podium. “This has been truly the honor of a lifetime, one of the most incredible experiences anybody could ever imagine, and that’s because I’ve had the chance to be on the front row of history and watch you drastically change our country for the better.”

Sanders added, “You’ve made America great, you’re going to continue to make America great, and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of your team.”

As she finished her speech, Sanders also stated that she will spend more time with her kids after she leaves her White House role and said she will continue to be a “fierce advocate” for President Trump:

“I’m going to go spend a little time with my kids, but no one will be a stronger voice and a more fierce advocate for this president because he’s fighting for all of the people in this room and for all of the people you represent all over the country, and he’s going to have an incredible six more years to make our country as strong as it’s ever been. Thank you so much, Mr. President.”

As she exited the stage, President Trump gave Sanders a hug. Tonight’s trip marked Sanders’ final one with President Trump as the White House Press Secretary.

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  1. Eliosabeth Crowell

    Sara has done a terrific job and deserves our respect and praise. She will be sorely missed.

  2. Mary C. Blood

    Sarah has been the best White House press secretary I have ever witnessed. She is unflappable and will be difficult to replace. I will miss her.

  3. Charles Michalek

    I really wished she would’ve stayed , and gave the demorats hell for 4 more years
    But I for one would say she gave”em hell when least expected . I wish her the best for her future . Well done Sarah Sanders .

  4. John

    Sarah is a great supporter for our country and it’s real or patriotic citizens. We should all e supportive of our POTUS and “Keep America Great.” As Trump stated in his speech the Deep State Democrats and RHINOs are still trying to overthrow our President and Govt. so they can control our country, move to Socialist govt. and offer a bunch of free things they cannot provide or fund without taxing the crap out of us. I heard Bernie say it would be less expensive to provide free free health care to all Americans and that included illegal immigrants? If anyone believes that fake news you need to ask someone who knows what they are talking about. The Democratic Party needs to be either voted out or reformed with some smart patriotic representatives. We probably need both parties but from what I am seeing their goal is to subject us to a socialist regime. Sorry but that is not going to happen if everyone votes conservative or Republican and “Drain the Swamp.”

    I am an ex-veteran, Christian, believe in traditional patriotic views and support our POTUS and will vote to re-elect him again in 2020.

  5. Jose

    Let me mention -at least- two of the main big reasons why any a sane and decent “common” US American folk should never vote for them treasonous thieving cowards .. so called “democrats” . #1.- Being the most fraudulent amongst deceitful crooks, it’s hard to ignore the fact that most of them think of themselves as being “our betters”. As for “intellect”, them “demo-cheats” have always considered themselves of being the only ones who possess the “natural gift of intellectual superiority”. Thus, the main reason why most all of them creepy idiots think and believe in that “We .. the (common) people” are stupid. These lot of arrogant lunatics and pretentious fools believe and think that they “know better” than you or me and, that, they’re the only ones who know of what’s best for you, for me and for all of our families. Least you’ve forgotten, sneaky rats that the dems really are, on at least one previous occasion, they’ve been caught on tape while laughing/saying that We .. the common people, were all stupid .. this while they were plotting “in secret” the (NOT) Affordable Health Care Act .. aka “obamacare”. #2.- Since the “cat’s been out of the bag”, after the 2016 election, it’s become very clear why them “democrats” see our US Constitution as an obstacle to their Marxist political agenda. Truth being told, now unmasked, the “democrats” are and, have always been none other than official USA’s communist party. Now, are you still wondering why a good many of these so called “democrats” have been relentlessly attacking POTUS Trump and anything else that’s closely related to that of our inherited values and founding principles of our Nation ?.

  6. walter FLATT