Mark Cuban Wants To Change The Constitution

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban thinks the Constitution could use an update focusing on one amendment in particular.

“I would do guns completely differently,” Cuban confessed to Yahoo Finance’s Andy Serwer.

Cuban shared that he “would change the Second Amendment in ways that people probably wouldn’t expect.”

The “Shark Tank” co-host said the, “Second Amendment has been analyzed up and down and backwards and forwards and it’s created its own set of problems,” adding. “Let’s update it.”

Cuban the elaborated, “What I would do is this: 

“1. Every American citizen has the right to own a gun. Period End of story – written in the amendment.

“2. The federal government will never be allowed to confiscate that gun from an individual. Period. End of story.

“3. States have the right to manage the purchase and ownership and management of guns owned and within their borders. So that if you live in a state like Texas, if the law in Texas is open carry – so be it. If you live in Pennsylvania, where they’re more stringent and they don’t want you to be able to have a gun, other than in your own premise or you know under lock and key, or you have to do a background check, then that’s up to them to decide.”

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  1. BD

    Thank God he has no influence on our Constitution! You start messing with that,.you change everything. Cuban you need to quit thinking!

  2. Pj

    Only for you and your Looney tunes who hate America and the constitution. Take a walk you piece of trash. You have money So you think you know more than us. No way you little man. Your brain has stop working a long time ago. You have no honor or pride for America. Keep your traitorous mouth shut.

  3. Jim Bethea

    Cuban wants to feel like he is relevant to SOMETHING? Remember when he grabbed the media attention that ..”he hasn’t decided if he would accept being VP for Trump…[when Trump had not asked him!!]

    If you will look at some of the investments he has made on Shark Tank that “tanked” some are really funny, and especially some that he cut-out the others in the last few seconds of negotiations….

    I read a “behinds the scenes article” with comments from the other members concerning the 11 hours day [at times] when they all were getting tired ~ Several of the other members actually detested Cuban ~ Many times he was replaced with “stand-ins’…

    The 2nd Amendment should never be changed and it should not be “watered-down” by any liberal areas either ~ Globalist want the American people disarmed so that they can much easily implement their maniacal issues such as the TPPA which Hillary was definitely in line to sign, and Pres Trump eliminated it within his first week in office…

    Statewide gun control, when used to extremes, only creates more crimes such as hold-ups, ride-bys, and gangland murders ~ These people know that if most others are disarmed then the odds of them perpetrating their crimes are much safer of them who will always be able to buy illegal guns.

    In my state of SC, a pretty strict background check is required – we have concealed carry – and if you have a hunting license then you can strap on a pistol in clear view only when going or coming from hunting and this works great. Ck cities like Chicago or LA that gun free zones and they all have the highest crime rates in the nations….Case Closed