Ex-Boehner Advisor Suggests REMOVING This Position

A past aide who worked under former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has made one heck of a suggestion to make Congress run smoother.

Former advisor Michael Steel thinks the position of Speaker of the House is outdated and may require a massive overhaul in the interest of the American people.

“I honestly think it’s going to prove impossible in the long haul to effectively operate the House of Representatives with a speaker who requires the majority of the whole House,” Steel shared on the Yahoo News podcast “The Long Game.”

“So what I would do is reduce the influence of the office of the speaker, make it kind of a figurehead ceremonial post, similar to the president pro tempore of the Senate … and then have the majority party leader essentially take over most of the functions that the speaker has today,” Steel suggested.

“I don’t know that it would even require a vote. It would be a change in practices,” he added. “You would basically move budget authority around, more than anything else. … A lot of the policymaking function and outreach functions that are currently in the speaker’s office, you just move those people and that budget into the majority leader’s office.”

Pelosi better watch out, if Steel’s suggestion gains ground she might be out of a job.

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  1. JC

    There are many snakes still in the grass in Washington, DC. It seems that John Boehner was as bad as his critics accused him of. The Democrats are as stupid as they look! But America is not going to away with Speaker of the House numb nuts! America is not going to get rid of the Electoral College. America will make the adjustments to deal with the criminal elements of the Democrat party and the swine that occupied the White House before Trump took office! I agree with President Trump now that there should be good honest prison sentences for the coup minded SOBs that infected the FBI, the other intelligence committees, and the media. They certainly would have thrown the book at the rest of us so there is no reason to be lenient with them!

    1. Richard C Shaw

      You are quite the Optimist, and I do not want to disagree with you because I also hold out hope that things change. But the reality is simply controlled by three things. One has to realize that people in this country have always had too much trust about others and their intentions, ie giving them the benefit of doubt. Our laws are based on this factor. So consider these three things and what our current political party control, it and how Communism is promoted: (1) Control the Education System, (2) Control the Media and (3) Control the Judicial system. Question: Can you imagine what would happen if the Progressives controlled the SCOTUS? all one has to do is look at the 9th Circuit Court, or how the Legal students at Yale University totally ignored “Due Process” when considering the Undocumented, evidence lacking, unhinged accusation Ms Ford and the Senate Judicial Committee tried to destroy Mr Kavanaugh.

      Look at what the states are doing now, (1) Voting to make the College reps vote 100% by majority rule. Yes 49 to 51 everything goes to the 51. (2) Voting to not allow “Trump” as an example on the state Ballot, (3) Voting to allow Illegals to vote (4) Allowing all kind of Voting privileges, Pick up and delivery, Help via political operatives without opposition. Mail, which is not bad in itself, but when Voter registers are not vetted or purged (yah), same day registration and voting. plus who knows what. Think about it, who in Congress or in your states legislative body would you trust this day an age, We cant even trust the Educators, the Media as well as half of the Judicuary.

      Look at the Chicago legal BS for Mr Smollett, he paid $10K, worked his public service off in Jessie Jacksons non profit for public service, while it cost the city of Chicago over $130K, and the legal gurus stated this was NORMAL. Can you imagine what would have happened in the Country if this was even close to being true. The unhinged in Hollywood would not just be boycotting GA, they would be a lynch mob outside the WH.

      Believe it or not I am an optimist too, I have faith in this Country, and the people, and I do think things are changing some what, but I have never in my 86 years seen such out right, in your face stupid remarks from the political cesspools around this country, it involves Cities, Stated, Counties, Federal, it is every where. To be truthful I called my whole family together, and had a very straight forward family meeting and I was surprised to hear some of the comments. We are living in la la land.

    1. Julia

      But we can’t give up and let them do what the radical left wants.. We or I did that for eight years with Obama. Won’t do it again!!! We must get out and fight to survive!!!!

  2. Dan

    First if there is no collusion which is not illegal there can be no crime of obstruction

    I think majority of Americans are pissed off that congress doesn’t do the job they were elected to do

    Deep state was at back to jfk the downward slide of our nation started with LBJ and has gotten worse the blame is with the Church’s who didn’t do anything and stood back while God has been taken out which forefathers all Believe creator God was the ultimate giver of the republic
    People fail to research themselves rather than accept politicians and media words

    We are in judgement as a country the next election and those after are for our countries future

  3. Robert L Kaufman

    Interesting, but the majority party, as a practical matter, already controls much of what the Speaker does — or all of it. After all, the majority party, by definition, has more votes than the other parties and can elect its choice. Also, the President Pro Tem of the Senate is not really a mere ceremonial job. He is the Vice-President, and he gives the administration in power control over the Senate in the event of a tie vote, which greatly affects the inner workings of and negotiations in the Senate leading up to any close vote.. Finally, you will have to change long established law that makes the Speaker third in line of succession to the Presidency.

  4. Robert Pescatore

    The Democrats really are stupid as well as liars to think they could impeach Trump if no crime has been committed and if they go down that road crazy Nancy will lose the majority she fought so hard to get in 2018 and Nancy work with Trump give him a win and maybe the Republicans will help you with infrastructure or daca. Just give him a win and see where and what you get.